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coniferous and deciduous forests

5.600 ha mixed forest
Wald in Poienile de Sub Munte
Forest Offer Bozovici Judetul Caras-Severin
Forest Offer Filipesti de Padure, Judetul Prahova

Similarly good conditions as in agriculture are also on the field of forestry. The Romanian forests cover approximately an area of 6 million hectares, of which there are about 4 million in the public sector and 2 million privately owned. The prices here are interim between lower limit of € 2,500 each hectare and € 3,500 for beech and oak forests and about € 4,000 to € 5,000 for predominantly coniferous forests, depending on age and stocking.

Overview of the largest forest areas
The deciduous forests are mainly located in the Southern and Western Carpathians, the coniferous forests on the other hand exclusively in the northern Carpathians to the border with Ukraine. The forests are in a healthy condition and are not affected by "dying forests". In addition, the Romanian forests are characterized by a unique fauna. Here you can find the king of the Carpathians, the brown bears and wolf, as well as with us no longer existing geese and the famous Carpathian deer. Hunting is however subject to certain restrictions that differ by rulesknown byus. We are happy to assist you regarding the hunting law in order to attainprivate hunting fond.

In all regions, one finds sufficient experienced Forestry personnel and wood processing companies. We have created in cooperation with the Romsilva (State Forestry Agency), and we can provide,interested availabledetailed exposéspecifically for forestry and hunting. If you want to set up any own forest administration the Romsilva offers this possibility for a fee of € 15 / ha per year. All other forest data such as inventory stock, stocking, credit, base, etc. can be discussed with the responsible forest engineer on site.

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