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farms in Romania

our actual offers as table
160 ha im Bezirk Arad
An der Donau gelegene Farm
100 ha Weinanbau, Bürogebäude, Werkstatt und Landmaschinen
Farm mit 1.700 Hektar
Eigene Weinproduktion 2.200 hl

All farms offered by Ramses Zwei were visited by us on site and checked with respect to the information provided. The above rates are offer prices and can be renegotiated after the result of a due diligence.

Buyer must obtain a Romanian SRL (equal to a Ltd.) be. Minimum capital is RON 200 = 45 €. At the foundation of the company we are happy to assist you. The foundation requires experience, about 2 weeks and costs about € 5,000 for a lawyer.

The due diligence should include three independent steps.
1. The legal analysis, it is adviced law firm Balanoiu in Bucharest,
2. The fiscal and financial audit, it is adviced in Englisch auditing and tax consulting firm, Teaha Consulting in Bucharest,
3. The technical examination, it is adviced that Topographen- and cadastral office Alin Pfandl / Pfandl & Mayer SRL, Timisoara,

The cost of notary (certification) and tax lawyer (purchase contract) will be approximately 2% of the transaction amount.

After presenting a confidentiality agreement (NDA) and a proof of funds by a bank (Letter concerning the feasibility part of the bank is sufficient) to a letter of intent (LOI) of the final purchaser (no brokers) all the necessary additional documentationwill be provided.

In our current offer for more Farm are offers from larger farms, for this we can only provideavailable documents on demand, as preliminary information this is not released for publication by the owner.

Also, we have an interesting project (W21) in Bezovia circulated Caras Severin, a warehouse (14,000 tons) at a loading station at the train station with all licenses for seeds, fertilizers and pesticides all hazard classes, drying plant, etc.

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